Rockfall Spiced Rum

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The Brief

To create a high end CGI animated ad for Rockfall Spiced Rum, to be used across all of their media and social channels.

The Animation

Something of a dream brief for us, with creative freedom to develop the concept, look and animation for Rockfall’s new campaign to promote their luxuriously smooth spiced rum.

Beginning with the concept of ‘Best Served On The Rocks’ we developed the concept of a rock fall happening on the side of a mountain, with a river made of rum flowing down the other side of the valley.

At the bottom both the rock and the liquid bounce off the ground and meet in mid-air in a dramatic clash. The meeting of rock and liquid turns the rock to ice, whereby it falls into a glass of Rockfall spiced rum.

A final rock lands next to the glass revealing the tagline.

The ad was delivered in 4 different formats for use across all of their social channels.

The animation was developed in Cinema 4D, liquid simulations and meshing were created with X-Particles, with rendering completing the final look with Redshift.

CGI Stills

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