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The Brief

OVO Energy received survey results indicating that their customers saved over £200 on average after switching from one of the big six energy suppliers. They approached us with the challenge of transforming this insight into engaging and quirky films for their paid social media campaigns, aimed at raising awareness and encouraging more people to switch to OVO Energy.

The Concept

Never one to shy away from the opportunity to work with babies, animals, and robots, we crafted a series of three entertaining films, all shot over two days in a single house in London. Each film depicted a unique and amusing way the savings from switching to OVO Energy were spent.

In one film, a family used their savings to “send” their young daughter to outer space. Another showcased a man who became the top cyclist in his neighbourhood thanks to his newfound budget. The third film featured a Great Dane receiving a luxurious massage, paid for with the savings.

We ensured each film was memorable, fun, and highlighted OVO Energy as a fresh, distinctive, and more attractive alternative to the big six energy providers.

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