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The Brief

To develop a CGI animation showcasing the new outdoor footwear collection from Canada Goose.

The Animation

Our aim was to highlight the versatility of the footwear by placing the boot in a variety of environments, such as a beach, rocky mountains, a forest, and grasslands.

To illustrate the boot’s durability and adaptability, we subjected it to different elements: the scorching sun, strong winds, pouring rain, and intense fire. Each scene seamlessly transitions to the next, showcasing how the boot excels in diverse conditions. The climax of the animation reveals the reflective strips on the heel, underscoring the boot’s safety features.

The animation concludes with a dynamic spin, leading to the final packshot that wraps up the 15-second spot and leaves a memorable impression on the audience.

All scenes were meticulously modelled and animated using Cinema 4D, with rendering expertly handled by Redshift, ensuring top-quality visuals. This careful attention to detail brought the animation to life, vividly demonstrating the boot’s unique qualities.

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