Jackpot City Animated Advertising

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The Brief

To create a 3D animated advert for Canadian online gaming company, Jackpot City.

The Animation

We were briefed to create a 3D animated advert for Jackpot City, to show the range of games available on their free-to-play website.

Working with the concept of a Rube Goldberg machine, we developed a 3D style featuring glass, high-gloss plastics, purple metal and neon.

Starting with a rolling casino chip, we see a pack of glass playing cards knocked over like dominos, before setting off a chain of animations featuring a glass ball, a roulette wheel and slot machines.

Finally, we seamlessly transition out and up to see the distinctive Jackpot City logo and tagline.

Modelling and animation was done in Cinema 4D, with rendering handled in Redshift.

3D Stills

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