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Animated product videos

When creating videos to demonstrate the features and benefits of your new products, nothing gives a brand as much flexibility as an animated product video.

Done right, a product video is a simple yet highly effective way to showcase a new product or innovation to your audience.

As well as simple 2D animation, CGI modelling gives you the freedom to explore every aspect and angle of a product, including details like its internal structure, and infographic overlays of how the product actually works. It is this level of flexibility that makes an animated product video the perfect choice for many of our clients.

What are the benefits of product videos?

Well-designed motion graphics can help to generate excitement and anticipation for your new products.

High-end CGI animation can show your customers what a product looks like close up before they’ve had a chance to see it in the flesh, and this process can even be completed before it’s been manufactured.

At Frantic, we have a vast range of experience in delivering hundreds of product videos for our clients. From cars and laptops, to watches and industrial equipment, we have the skills and technical wizardry to bring these products to life and inspire your audience.

CGI animated product videos

CG animation is often the backbone of a high-end product video. As an experienced product video production company, the team at Frantic understands the complexities that go into creating truly photorealistic work.

We leave no stone unturned in our quest for accurate detail in the animation production process. Detail is vital when designing a photoreal product video, so, if your widget has 176 holes down the side, then your animation will have 176 holes too.

Animation also allows you to incorporate additional text into your product video, providing a more comprehensive explanation of what your product does, as well as its uses and benefits. This is particularly useful if you opt out of incorporating narration, though it can also help to emphasise key points of the voiceover. All of this is to say that your choices are limitless! If that sounds interesting, and you want to see our work in action, you can explore some of our CG animated product videos in our portfolio.


How effective is a CGI product video?

Being able to demonstrate the basic functions and nuances of your business’s newest product can dramatically broaden the reach of your branding, and has an extremely positive impact on engagement.

One recent survey saw nearly three quarters of consumers more likely to purchase a product after having its benefits and instructions laid out in an easy-to-follow video format, and with CGI animation, there’s no detail too small to be portrayed on screen with precision.

How long should CGI product videos be?

The length of your product video will ultimately depend on the reason you’re making the video in the first place. If you’re creating a teaser for a new product, and want to raise awareness with content which will be easily shared, a short 30-second product video will be ideal for getting the basic idea of your product across quickly and efficiently.

However, if you’re aiming to provide a more in-depth guide to what your product does, or it’s something which needs to be pitched to new customers, a longer video of up to three minutes will be more useful.

Our process

How are CGI product videos made?

No matter what techniques we use, or how complex it will be, we always follow the same series of steps to make our videos.


Whether or not your video includes dialogue, a script will provide a crucial framework on which your video will be built.


This part of the process confirms the overall look of your video, as well as giving an idea of how each shot and scene will flow into the next.


As an animated video production company, this is our bread and butter, from adding text to live action videos to creating CG product animation from scratch.

Voice Over & Music

The final stage of the video production process, incorporating music or a voiceover can further help explain the benefits of your brand or product, bringing your content to life.

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